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Today, Hotel Villa Gulle offers 24 rooms, including 14 double rooms, 4 single rooms, 2 small studios, and 4 basement rooms. However, before that, the villa had been used for several different purposes.

Hotel Villa Gulle, as its name implies, is an antique villa with its earliest sections constructed in 1873. In that year, Shipbroker Hans Friis from Odense acquired the property and built a 700 m2 traditional villa for himself and his family. In 1920, the villa was sold to KFUM, who constructed what is now the hotel's banquet hall. Later, the hotel was operated as a Mission Hotel, and in the 1970s, the port building with a total of 8 rooms was added.

Gulle _edited.jpg

In 1996, In 1996, Gudrun Simonsen purchased the Mission Hotel and renamed it Hotel Villa Gulle. Gudrun Simonsen named the hotel based on its original construction as a villa and added her nickname 'Gulle.' Gudrun operated the hotel for nearly 25 years, until her passing in early 2021.

The Kongsmark family then took over the hotel in November 2021 and, after completing renovations, reopened the hotel in June 2022. The renovation was approached with the intention of transforming to preserve, with respect for the buildings' and the hotel's history, and, most importantly, in the spirit of Gudrun Simonsen.

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